CAT# PB-172G
$1.50 each
100 or more $1.20 each
Single-pole, normally-open momentary switch. Attractive and functional dome-shaped pushbutton. 0.70" diameter black plastic bezel. 0.45" green plunger. Extends 0.3" above mounting plane. Threaded bushing mounts in 0.53" diameter hole. Solder terminals. Also available with a red button (PB-138), black button (PB-139), blue button (PB-172B) and yellow button (PB-172Y).
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Average Customer Review:  (1 Review) Write A Review

A customer from LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA USA
Nice Button
This button has a nice non-linear action that gives mechanical feedback of a transition (not like some buttons that I like to call "mushy" where you can't feel when it is actually "pushed"). Plus it has a shallow profile, so it will fit in a smaller box than most other buttons.

The only drawback for hobbyist level application is that it is designed to fit into a "D" sized hole. It will fit in a 1/2" hole, with a slight gap between the material it is mounted in and the button's flange. To get it to mount flush, I drill a 1/2" hole and then use a reamer to widen the hole slightly. The nut threads easily on the shaft and a 5/8" wrench can be used to tighten it.

The relatively wide flange can hide a lot of drilling mistake--another hobbyist's plus.