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DPDT, (on)-(on), heavy-duty pushbutton with metal plunger and mounting bushing. Ideal for foot-switch or hard physical use. 15/32" threaded bushing for panels up to 0.5" thick. 0.4" diameter plunger. Solder terminals. Rated 2A 250Vac.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Very rugged switch

Reviewer: from HUNTINGTN BCH, CA USA

This switch is like the dimmer switch from a 57 Chevy. It would work as a foot switch. It is a push-on-push-off

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A Paradox

Reviewer: from North Carolina

I saw this comment on another site that sells these, and now I know it is true. These switches do not hold up to soldering the leads onto the connectors. You wind up with a DPDT switch that is essentially ON-ON because it shorts out. By ON-ON, I mean that all the contacts on each pole are fused. Not good. EDITORS COMMENT: We have had complaints like this on some of our switches. Many of the switches are heat sensitive and when too much heat is applied during soldering, this can happen.

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