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Durable green plastic S.P.D.T. momentary pushbutton switch frequently found in arcade games. Useful in any application requiring a large, rugged pushbutton switch. Button operates a 3 Amp snap-action switch. Plunger is 0.86" diameter. Bezel is 1.33" diameter. Threaded bushing is 1.1" diameter and will mount in panels up to 0.75" thick. Includes large plastic mounting nut.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Great buttons

Reviewer: from Lakewood, CO US

These things are awesome! The micro switch snaps out of the button so you can insert it easily into a hole.

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Depth dimension

Reviewer: from Berkeley Lake, Georgia

I don't know why they don't give the depth dimension, since I feel it is important too.

I just bought 6 of these in 4 assorted colors.

They are indeed huge. But I consider them to be of top quality. Even the microswitch seems to be high quality.

The depth dimension is 2 and 1/8" long. Measured from underneath the top bevel to the bottom terminal on the microswitch.

The switch is quite easy to remove. Simply put your thumbnail betwen the long flange and move it away from the switch until the dimple is free of the switch. Then roll it off the inner dimple. Reverse the procedure to reinstall the switch. No tools are necessary.

I am also very pleased with the quality of service and rapid delivery. As well as the prices. I will order other things as a result.

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Reviewer: from Los Angeles, CA USA

I used some for assorted horns and sirens on a vehicle, so they get pushed hard in frustration and have stood up just fine. They are connected to relays without quenching diodes, and have stood up to many cycles.

There was a WTH moment till I realized you have to remove the switch for install, and some anxiety in the process. Are these tabs gonna release the switch or break first?? Nope, they didn't break even on my first awkward try.

Next I want to see if I can put a 3mm LED inside.

Sturdy for any potentially abusive application, and kids like the colors.

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Big, Bold, Beautiful Buttons!

Reviewer: from Candor, NY

I will echo the previous reviewers; these buttons are excellent! These are exactly like the buttons found on arcade games. Great for all sorts of interesting projects!

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Takes a licking...

Reviewer: from Boerne, TX US

I've seen these switches get slapped, punched, kicked, and spilled on, but it never affects them. They are similar to the switches used on video game machines, and are excellent for any application in which it would get some abuse.

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