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Design and change circuits quickly and cleanly. Breadboards accommodate all sizes of dips and discrete components with lead diameters up to 0.032". Interconnect with solid hook-up wire (#22 AWG recommended). Wires and components can be used and re-used many times without damage to board or components. 400 tie points. 300 contacts on main board and 50 contacts on each of two power distribution strips. Distribution strips are removable.

Pre-cut and prepared jumper wires for breadboards available: CAT#s JW-140, JW-350, JM6-10, JM7-30.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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They're Modular!

Reviewer: from St Paul, MN

These aren't very big (21/4" X 31/4"), but are perfect for smaller 10 component or so projects. The two power strips can detatch. Little tabs and indentations on each section let you combine several together in all directions to make a breadboard to suit your needs. Have a peel and stick backing for semi permanant mounting. Well worth $3.00.

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Reviewer: from Huntington Beach, CA

Love this breadboard. Cheap, compact, and just enough room for a circuit. I use one on every project now and I finish in a snap. Then if I want it permament I smash water-sealing putty over the whole thing (JB Water-Weld) and let it dry rock hard. All my other electronics projects involving small circuits with IC's and soldering... just aren't done.

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Good protoboard for those smaller projects...

Reviewer: from WOODBURN, OR US

I've not used this item enough to know if it deserves a higher rating.

Perfectly fits my project. A decent price to boot.

It can be combined with other boards, snap-lock scheme, on a side or end basis, if one needs more space. A bargain.

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awsome, small breadboard

Reviewer: from Arlington Washington

This is a handy little breadboard that has enough space to make small circuits and test out components.I found out that the power buses can be taken off.

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Handy and inexpensive.

Reviewer: from Minnesota

Very useful.

It's cheap enough to use anywhere you want a temporary circuit. Not too big, but for 3 bucks,
its an incredible deal.

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