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$8.25 each
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Design and change circuits quickly and cleanly. Breadboards accommodate all sizes of dips and discrete components with lead diameters up to 0.032". Interconnect with solid hook-up wire (#22 AWG recommended). Wires and components can be used and re-used many times without damage to board or components. Dual row of buss terminals on each side of terminal strip. Double-sided adhesive tape backing. Holes for screw mounting. 2.2" x 6.5" x 0.38" high.

Pre-cut and prepared jumper wires for breadboards available: CAT#s JW-140, JW-350, JM6-10, JM7-30.
For 840 contact breadboard w/o mounting holes, see our CAT# PB-850.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Reviewer: from Minneapolis, MN

I own two other breadboards which I purchased from All Electronics, and they're great. I was planning to order several of these smaller boards for some of my smaller circuits, but the price has taken a huge jump. A couple weeks ago, these sold for $5.00, now they're $7.65 (a 53% increase). Now I planning to shop elsewhere.

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sturdy breadboard

Reviewer: from Arlington Washington

This is a very sturdy breadboard that has contact points that are deep and make the components and wires stay in the breadboard. When I held it upside down and shook it the components stayed in securely.

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Great deal for the money.

Reviewer: from Beech Grove, IN

These cost more than 8 dollars at fry's for the same size. At this price, I use them instead of perf-boards. I can prototype my projects, get them working on the board, then dab epoxy gel over the wires, caps, resistors, etc to make them permanent. Wouldn't want to do that for projects where crostalk was an issue or very high resistance values were necessary, but works great for driving an LCD with a PIC with an internal oscillator. I can take it into work to show my friends without fear of it falling apart.

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Proto board should be adequate for larger projects

Reviewer: from WOODBURN, OR US

This protoboard is suited for those larger projects. It can be combined with one or more protoboards for those needing even more space; snap-lock 'dovetails' retain multiple boards. Valuable and relatively low priced!

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Great Board and a Good Deal

Reviewer: from Saint Paul, MN

Nice board for prototyping and a great price compared to the competitors. I've already built several circuits with this board and it's been doing just great.

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