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AVX/Kyocera # PCRT21BGX. Black plastic front, vented metal back. Solder loop terminals.

Note: Used in paging, warning signals, metal detectors and alarm clocks. Miniature magnetic transducers require external signal source to produce sound.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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More complete description

Reviewer: from USA

This part is a mini dynamic speaker with 28 ohms of DC resistance for the voice coil. Also, the perforated metal backside is the primary sound output side.

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Cool Speaker

Reviewer: from TOMS RIVER, NJ USA

So... these are really cool. The price is right and they're great quality tone transducers. I used them with a basic 2-transistor oscillator with a 10K trimpot and a 100μF electrolytic to make a basic metronome. Also, what I found is that if you're just tinkering with them on a breadboard you can just take a 22AWG breadboard jumper and put it through the solder loops and then cross the open ends of the loop over one another to attach leads. I found this much easier than soldering. It's less of a hassle.
A note to AE- I'd like to see something like this in your catalog but with 8Ω instead of 28Ω of DC resistance.

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Another use

Reviewer: from TULSA, OK USA

This may be a replacement for the receiver speaker in your cordless telephone. If your's has been dropped a few too many times and the volume has also dropped, try these for a repair.
I have a phone I REALLY like, but it took a few too many trips to the hardwood floor. One of these cured it. Now the cheesy replacement gathers dust.

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not very sensitive

Reviewer: from Brown University

I bought them for use as drum triggers for my electronic drum set, but they are not very sensitive. At the highest sensitivity on the drum module they return values up to only about 50 out of 127 when I slam them on the table. For applications such as this go with the lone, un-encased piezo element and get some large sticky rubber feet to encase it back and front. That works great. I will be ordering more of those other items, but not more of these ones!

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