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This comfortable, hands-free headset provides great sound quality on both ends of the conversation. The earpiece lays on the ear, outside of the ear canal, eliminating the discomfort associated with in-ear headsets. 2.5mm stereo phone plug. The 2.5mm plug is standard on most cordless home phones. However, most current cell phones / smart phones require a 3.5mm plug.
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (4 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from ames ia
This headset has way too much wiggle, and no way to adjust it. Falls of easily. Maybe it will work if you have huge ears.

A customer from Houston, TX
A Driving Necessity!
Great audio both sending and receiving. It gets both hands back on the wheel! With Nextel there is some interference "chatter" depending on relationship of headset-to-phone, but if you can't or won't go for a Blue-Tooth, you can't beat this.

A customer from Bradenton, FL
Great little "Earset"
I have used this unit for several years with my ham radio. Very simple to adapt. have used it with my cellphone too. Great Audio!

Ricky Earp from Tulsa, OK
A little strange...but nice
Your ear has to fit this, and I have a bargain no-frills Motarola i290 phone, and it works pretty well. On my phone, the volume is loud and WAAAY too loud, but the people on the other-end can understand me and hear me with a window down, which is better than the mic in the cell phone. It's very light, doesn't poke into my ear, stays where it should 95% of the time. Just a quick jerk of my head to check my blind spots have made it come off. Some people will have problems with it staying on their ears. I have fairly small ears and it stays on well. It's just gonna depend on you. AE will gladly refund if it doesn't work for you. A bit of careful bending after the "ear-holder" has been in boiling water may make a world of difference. BTW: I wear glasses and it stays in place well. Compared to the price of the ear piece/mic "made" for my phone, well I can destroy 4 of these and be money ahead.