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Product Description
5 Vdc operation
Common Ground - Can monitor own voltage
0.56" figure height
Automatic Polarity Indication
Zero reading for 0 Volt input
Automatic Polarity Indication
High input impedance (>100M Ohm)

Maximum Input: 199.9mV DC (.1999 VDC)
Maximum Display: 3 1/2 digits with auto polarity indication
Measuring Method: Dual Slope Integration A-D converter system
Overrange Indication: "1" shown in display
Reading rate time: 2-3 readings per second
Input Impedance: >100M Ohm
Accuracy: 0.5%
Power Dissipation: 60mA DC
Supply Voltage: 5Vdc
Bezel: 2.75" x 1.26" x 0.25"
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Works well

Reviewer: from York, PA USA

I use one to track the voltage of my 2000 Insight's NiMH pack (via isolating / voltage-reducing resistors), powered by a little 6-pack of 1.2V AAs via a small switch, and it works great, using little current. It seems to stay accurate as the power supply fades, dimming the LEDs in the process somewhat (down to maybe 50% before the low voltage causes issues). Try an adjustable regulator for some brightness control (don't go over 7V).

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Motorcycle voltmeter

Reviewer: from Cookeville TN

I bought this meter for my motorcycle and powered it via a 5V three terminal regulator. The meter worked fine, but could not be read in full daylight. Worked well on cloudy days or at night. I would suggest LCD as a much better way to go.

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Great simple meter


I needed to add a volt meter to my model rocket launcher to make sure I had enough power to ignite my high power rocket motors. This both looked and worked impressively. Great buy!

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PM-120 nee PM129B

Reviewer: from CHARLOTTE, NC US

I purchased a PM-120, but I received a PM-129B. I mounted it in a 4x2x1 plastic box and powered it with a 5VDC DC-DC regulator, which uses the source that I am monitoring. It works well. I would like to know how to dim the LED display, however. If anyone knows how to do that, would you please post a response?

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