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3-digit LED voltmeter for 0-100 VDC range. 0.28" digits on a 0.89" x 0.39" display. Blue digits on black background. Three wire operation. Red-black for power; yellow-black for voltage being monitored. Will monitor its own voltage. Mounting ears with holes on 1.03" centers. Also available with red digits, CAT# PM-126.

Working current: 20mA
Operating voltage: 4-40 VDC
Measurement rate: 200mS /Times
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Reviewer: from Indiana, USA

This meter is good as a measurement device for a full wave DC power supply with an added leveling capacitor ONLY. I tried it with a wall-plug-in DC transformer and it shows random voltage (I assume this is a sample reading from the DC waveform produced by this type of device). I tried it with a fully-rectified DC power supply with a leveling capacitor and its readings are at the correct level and consistent. Easy to mount and wire into a system.

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Good Meter for projects

Reviewer: from Box Elder, SD

Great meter. Self powered by input Voltage. If you can live with 0.6 Volt accuracy, they are well worth the price.

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