CAT# PM-23
$17.00 each
Volts and Amps on the same compact digital panel meter. Built in shunt. Bright, red LED display. Easy to connect; three-wire friction-lock connector plugs into back of meter. Snap-mounts into 46 x 27mm (1.80" x 1.05") rectangular cut-out. Black bezel, 47.5 x 28.5mm.

Scales: 3.5-30 Vdc or 0-100Vdc and 0-5 DC Amps. When using in the 3.5 - 30 Vdc mode the meter can use the same power supply it is measuring. To use 100Vdc capability it requires a separate 4.5-30Vdc supply for the meter. 5-wire connection.
Spec sheet available in PDF format.
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (5 Reviews) Write A Review

Bill from Allentown, PA USA
Misleading Instructions
The sheet that is included with this very nice little unit is useless. No where does it state or show that the load side (yellow lead) must be attached to the negative side of the load. Also all of the leads must be used/connected. If you do this the unit performs well.

A customer from Flordia's Treasure Coast
Great meter
Meter works great, surprising accurate. Current reads as low as 50 milliamps. Mine connected to a separate 12v dc power source.

A customer from Norristown, Pa
diagram wrong
I agree with the assessment, if you wire it according to the diagram, either supplied or the PDF here, it won't work!

A customer from Angeles City Philippines
great meter use it to monator trike batterys
worth every peso I played use 9 v battery for power

Randall Moon from TULLAHOMA, TN USA
ramote supply must be isolated
I cut up a 5 volt wall wort and used it to power the meter so the 2 black wires are isolated from each other. works great.