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Prime Instrument Model 60 Part # 60-579. Edge-style panel meter. Full-scale=3750 Watts @ 125 Vac. Mounts in 1.85" x 0.76" cut out. Held in place with behind-panel spring clip. 1.7" behind-panel length including 0.25" qc/ solder terminals.
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Product useage

Reviewer: from LEVITTOWN, NY USA

These meters are commonly used on portable generator transfer switches that are sold in most home improvement stores. Got some of these to replace one with a broken face on my switch. works great !

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Limited use out of the box, potentially hackable

Reviewer: from NEW ULM, MN USA

I ordered one of these meters, just to see how hackable/repurposable it might be. For It's original application, it is perfectly suited. Trying to repurpose it towards another application is likely possible, but will require work. The coil on this is a single turn of heavy gauge enameled wire. It's basically an Ammeter, with a watts scale (that confirms to watts when the voltage is 125 volts). The meter has screws, so it looks like you can disassemble it, and the plastic bobbin looks like you could rewind a custom coil in the place of the 1 turn heavy gauge coil. It's certainly a lot of work to repurpose a meter, but I suppose it's possible. Not sure if it's worth bothering with though. The scale is opaque, so not possible to backlight. It's a simple design, but it seems to be of reasonable quality. I had initially hoped this might be a volt meter measuring across an internal shunt, but it is most definitely not. It's a high current (30 amp!) ammeter. 30 amps seems like a lot. I wonder if the meter is meant to show peaks? That I don't know. Meter also has a polarity marking on one terminal, so I don't know if this is meant to measure a rectified output, and if so, whether it's scaled for full wave or half wave rectification. Don't know? There is no internal diodes or resistors of any kind, just one turn of thick wire.

Long story short... If you need to measure watts on a 125 volt circuit, this meter is perfect. If not... Look for another meter, or be prepared to put time into winding a custom coil on this one.

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