$12.00 each
10 or more $10.00 each
0 - 150V AC. 3.15" x 2.5" x 2" depth.2.5% accuracy. Large clear scale, black lettering on white background.
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Average Customer Review:  (3 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Houston, TX USA
Add Two Meters and Get a Watt Meter!
If you install a AC cord, outlet plug and AC volt meter and a AC amp meter (PMA-150V, PMA-5A) in a case, you can use it as a wattmeter
to check appliance power usage (V * A = W)!
I had one before! I recommend a fuse too! KD5BIH

A customer from Chicago
Ideal Low-cost generator Monitor
I purchased two of these last year to monitor the output of my Generac backup generator. They work fine. I mounted them in the generator's control panel by using a 60mm bi-metal hole saw. I was concerned that the generator's engine vibrations would "blur" the position of the needle, but that does not happen. The reading is stable and accurate, agreeing with my Fluke. The cover is easy to to take off by removing two screws. I did so in order to place a thick green line within the 115 - 125v region of the scale. Now the meter can be viewed from a distance and will quickly indicate if the generator's output is at nominal simply by spotting if the needle is "in the green".

A customer from NJ, USA
Panel Meter mounting information
Round panel hole needed is 2-3/8 inch or 60mm diameter, even though the rear housing is smaller (and strangely shaped). Only uses two mounting screws.