CAT# PS-10
$13.95 each
Model# PHC-1000K. Perfect for small appliances and breadboard projects. Provides 3 / 5 / 6 / 7.5 / 9 or 12 Vdc, and it's regulated, so the voltage doesn't fluctuate when the load varies. Includes seven of the most popular detachable power plugs. UL.
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Average Customer Review:  (7 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Sacramento, CA US
Great buy for small electronics with adapters.
Really works! I use mine for an LCD TV that did not come with its own adapter. The switching power supply runs cool at [email protected] for my LCD TV. Helps to low my battery expenses and saves me the trouble of replacing batteries. Best of all, it works on most of the consumer electronic products that I have. Just remember to switch the voltage and verify the tip polarity before plugging in.

A customer from Brooklyn, NY
Good choice
We ordered 22 of them and had no failures. Light in weight (switcher type), sturdy 6' 20ga. cord, good selection of adapter tips. Survived drops to cement flooring and a few short circuits. Two gripes: the voltage selector switch label foil is thin and can be torn easily, and the case and cord are rather intensely blue.

A customer from Sunny Jacksonville FL
What this customer wrote is very true I would add a few other comments to this
A customer from Seattle, WA
Can be fine-tuned to make a great Li-Ion battery charger was very easy to open up and I was able to add a 5K multi-turn potentiometer to fine-tune the voltage to what is need It now makes a very inexpensive charger for my Li-Ion battery
Here is what I would add to this is if you remove the selector switch and resisters and the 12 volt zener diode (you have a 30 volt power supply If you do this change all of the caps on the output to 50 volts ) and add a the 5 k ohm pot and a LM317 regulator chip then can control the current as well as the voltage

A customer from Sarasota, FL
Product Deficiency
This PS is not short circuit protected, otherwise OK.

KD7KNC from Kaysville, UT, USA
Love it!
a great little regulated txformer with var. voltages, a 1A output and an assortment of 12 connectors makes an ideal accessory to charge my several handheld radio battery packs quickly if needed. It is required to match the polarity to that required and charge not more than the pack's capacity. Example: 1500 mah takes an hour and1/2 charge, or a little less, with a finish "trickle" charge of 140 ma/hr on the 12 -hour charger supplied with the radio. A full charge is thus achieved in 3 hours or less. It's better for the pack to charge very slowly, but in an emergency or with a pack that already is dying, this item is very handy. Sometimes I just cannot wait for an overnight charge!