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Model# PHC-2200W. Perfect for small appliances and breadboard projects. Provides 3 / 5 / 6 / 7.5 / 9 or 12 Vdc, and it's regulated, so the voltage doesn't fluctuate when the load varies. Includes a set of seven of the most popular power connectors.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Customer Reviews 3.5 out of 5 stars(3 Reviews)

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Excellent value but... 4 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Tulsa,OK USA

The 5 volt, 2 amp regulated PS for my Fuji digital camera is $49.95 discounted plus rather outragous S&H. So I tried this. Works perfectly. Since all I wanted to use it for was the camera, I epoxied the plug that fit best(more on that later) on. None of the included coax connectors are a "perfect" fit, which was probably intended by Fuji. "Switching/regulated" power supply gets tossed around alot, and most people think they are a gloirfied "wall wart". They aren't. "Wall warts" are just high to low voltage transformers and as long as they're plugged in, they draw the same amount of electricity (practically) as at full load, and the voltage drops as the load increases. This "box" uses micro-amps plugged in with no load, and the voltage is stable right up to maximum output. Definately should be used for external computer memory devices and other perhiphials too. If your device's low-voltage supply stays warm all the time, it's a power-wasting "wall-wart". If you can change all of devices in your home out to switching suppplies, most of us can save $30-80 a year on electricity. I have an older 12 volt switching supply from All Electronics with "changable plugs" that are designed MUCH better. If you need to switch plugs, but want a more positive system to hold them on, try some silicone cement. It'll peel off the vinyl plug, but add some security. And the markings on the plugs ARE tiny and hard to see. Use a meter before plugging into $$$ devices. Except for the plugs, it'd be a five star plus. One more item, it seems there are getting to be more and more sizes of coax power plugs, especially the center post size.(A little checking with a caliper will show what I mean.) Sometimes, getting the OD right means the center post is too large. Minature metric sized drill bits to the rescue! On my camera, the center post is a bit small for the best OD, so it's a little loose and "sloppy", but it stays in and conducts OK.

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Only 2.0A for 9V and 12V Setting 2 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Calgary, AB

Watch out! This power supply only puts out 2.0A on the 9V and 12V settings, but will do 2.5A on all lower voltages. I specifically bought it for a product needing 2.5A at 12V and it won't power up my device.

Please update product description so other customers do not fall victim to the same problem.

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Power supply recommendation for iomega Ego USB 2.0/FireWire iomega item# 34404 4 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Houston, TX

I would rate this product 5 stars if it had a power plug orientation locking mechanism. Power plug connectors could also use larger font or white lettering identifying inner/outer dimensions, needed a magnifying glass to read them. Aside from that, it's a great product. Alternative All Electronics power supply recommendations would be greatly appreciated...
So far (few hours now) this 2.25A SWITCH PWR SUPPLY, REGULATED (CAT# PS-22 $21.95) works fine powering external portable hard drive iomega model: Ego USB 2.0/FireWire iomega item# 34404. The following is my application -wordy but relevant- to this power supply comment. iomega marketing misleads you to believe that "no external power supply is required" for either usb or firewire port connection method. The ego ships with a 6-wire firewire cable. My Dell D830 has a 1394 firewire port (4-wire), so bought a 4-wire to 6-wire cable, and discoverd that my Dell firewire port does not provide power, so, needed an external power supply (5vdc tip-positive, 2 amps max, $20 from iomega but they would'nt/couldn't provide power plug Inner/Outer dimensions requirement). I bought All Electroncs CAT# PS-22 because includes commonmonly used power plug connectors, the 4.0mm outer diameter x 1.77mm inner diameter connector plug seems like snug enough fit for ego's external power socket, and its selectable VDC ouput is regulated- probrably wise choice for a data disk application but I am not sure if regulated power supply is overkill. My only concern with using CAT# PS-22 is accidental orientating plug tip-negative which could fry ego drive and bye-bye data. All Electronics offers lower-cost models, but not regulated?? $5.75 for CAT# PS-521, Output: 5V, 2Amp, Coax power plug o.d. 3.5mm, i.d. 1.3mm. But I am not sure plug would fit. Any recommendations? I am capable of soldering. I just don't know how to determine/find proper o.d.,i.d coax connector plug. Thanks

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