CAT# PS-255
$7.00 each
10 or more $6.50 each
Mean Well# S-25-5.
Input: 100-240VAC, 0.6A 50/60Hz.
Output 5Vdc, 5A.
99 x 97 x 36mm (3.90" x 3.85" x 1.43") vented metal cabinet. Screw terminal input and output. Voltage adjustable 4.75 - 5.5V. LED indicator. Short-circuit, over-voltage, over-load protection. UL, CE.
Spec sheet available in PDF format.
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (3 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Missouri
changing voltage range
The unit I received would only adjust to 5.8V max. Replacing R18 (1.5K) with a 1.3K resistor allowed for 6.2V. Over ~6.25V it dropped out of regulation.

REPLY: Thanks for the comment. We've updated the description - it should have actually said adjustable 4.75-5.5V

A customer from Northwest Ohio
Good Price
I purchased 5 of these at this price. They are genuine MeanWell power supplies. I seem to have better luck with MeanWell power supplies than other Chinese brands of this type of power supply. I have not had a chance to test any of them yet, but even if one of them turns out defective it's still a deal. These are perfect for powering microcontroller devices and associated circuitry such as Arduino and Neopixel projects. Plenty of power to light up huge strings of Neopixels.

Sam March from Sunny Jacksonvill FL
Power Supply
This very nice power supply
But the voltage adj range is not right
The range is 4.75 below this voltage the power supply keep restarting
The highest voltage is 6.25

Other than this the output voltage is very stable and very well built