CAT# PS-613
$199.95 each
Three output power supply.

0-30 Vdc, 3 Amp -- adjustable voltage and current.
12 Vdc, 1.2-1.6 Amp
5 Vdc, 1.2-1.6 Amp

Digital LCD displays for Voltage and Current (for adjustable supply). Current limit indicator. Ripple and noise < 5 mV. Short circuit protected. Fused 6" x 5.75" x 12" 4.5 Kg.
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (4 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Lincoln, NE
It's actually VERY useful.
I don't know how long KD7KNC has been a ham, but there's no reason to rate this product poorly because he didn't research his purchase. KD7KNC says this is a very limited use item, perhaps because he only had one use for it and it doesn't work for that. This supply has many, many uses, just not good for powering a ham rig. I've been a ham operator for 40 years, and I have never seen a ham use a lab supply to power a transmitter. Buy a marine battery. For benchtop (logic & linear devices) circuit design, testing and experimentation, this supply is amply rated for most of the things a sensible person would do with it. I can not attest to the build quality of this particular supply, as I don't own one, however I have used similar supplies rated at only 2 Amps output for many years and only rarely ever pushed one to that 2 amp limit during circuit design work.

A customer from Charleston, SC
Good Value!
A good lab/bench supply for experimenting and repairing equipment. Works great!

Willseward from Texas
This is a great buy. It works just fine and has very precise LCD displays. The non-variable terminals are extremely accurate > .01v

KD7KNC from Kaysville, UT., USA
Good for only a limited number of uses...
If you're considering this item, you need to carefully judge whether if it will satisfy your needs. In my case and other ham operators, it fails badly because most HF radios require a PS producing 13.8V and 25A, far out of the meager output of this PS. It might power only some QRP units of very low power output.Most hams should look at other PS units for bench supplies.