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Advanced Interconnection KSS-80. Pins on flexible strip insert into pc board. Strip peels away after the sockets are soldered in place. Use instead of DIP or SIP sockets. Standard 0.10" spacing. Eighty pins per strip. Cuts easily to any length.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Great for HC-49 crystal socket!

Reviewer: from Fitchburg, WI, USA

I had been searching for a very small socket to hold HC-49 crystals, with 0.016" diameter leads. Very loose in things like IC sockets.
These pin sockets are a nice snug fit on the leads but the crystal plugs in or pulls out easily. And they only need a 1mm hole, just over 1/32", so I can drill out the holes in a Pixie2e board and have copper left.
(Note: If you do that on a 2-sided board, be sure to solder both sides.)

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Reviewer: from OTTUMWA, IA USA

easy to insert when the holes are 1mm ID.
makes a great looking circuit board where everything is surface mount and just want to have pin socket.

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