$19.95 each
Chrome-molybdenum vanadium steel blades. Specially designed handle with swivel cap. 5 flat blade: 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5 and 4mm. 3 phillips tips: PH0-0, PH0, PH1.
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Average Customer Review:  (4 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Florida
Excellent Set
This is the best set of mini-screwdrivers I've ever used at any price. Very high quality.

A customer from LINCOLN, NE US
I concur, VERY nice set of high quality screwdrive
Very impressive set of excellent screwdrivers for electronic work and small machinery. Comes in a nice little hard shell storage case. They are a bit long for work in tight spaces, but for bench repairs that length can be useful. If you've ever spun your cheesy little phillips on the head of a screw only to discover the tip worn out, you'll appreciate the difference in the high quality super hard tips on these drivers. The set I received is a bit different than those pictured, mine are black with gray trim, and the manufacturer (Velleman) has added a deeply knurled star of plastic between the shaft and the handle to give an improved grip. So, they are actually slightly better than the set pictured.

A customer from Goleta, CA US
nice set
Forget about those junky $3 "jewelers screwdrivers", and check these out. They have larger handles giving you more torque, and harder tips that don't break or bend as easily as those el cheapo mini screwdriver sets that are too common.
Almost forgot, the case is very nice too. Nothing quirky about the latch or hinges. The lining is contoured and padded to store the screwdrivers securely.
This set is $10 cheaper than a comparable set available at the hardware store (which doesn't include the nice case).

A customer from San Diego, CA USA
Worth it!
These screwdrivers are high quality! Very nice cusion grip and knurled cap end will spin but doesn't feel like it will fall apart like the cheap sets. Highly Reccommended!