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Right angle mono 1/4" plug. All-metal construction. Screw down strain relief for up to 0.2" cable. Solder Type.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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RIGHT ANGLE MONO 1/4" PLUG 1 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Valley Village, CA

All Electronics is a great store. I've been there many times for various electronic parts such as connectors and switches, and they've always been great to deal with. Pre-pandemic, when the store was still open to the public, I bought 10 or 12 of these 1/4" right angle plugs, admittedly liking the price, to assemble cables for a guitar pedal board. Several of them were so badly made the shaft was loose from the body of the plug when I took them from the bag, creating intermittent contacts. Others seemed solid, so I built some cables with them and used them in a professional installation, thankfully only for my own use. Without fail, EVERY ONE of them soon failed as well, creating loose (and loud!) connections, at times during live performances! I just had the last 2 seemingly solid ones fail this past week, thankfully only in rehearsals. I actually had to laugh at the last one, as I pulled it from an audio mixer, and at first it wouldn't come out. It finally did, but only the center contact! It looked like a finger bone with no meat on it, and it completely fell apart when I de-soldered it from the cable! The ground shaft and tip connector remained inside the mixer, for which a complete disassembly was required to remove the errant parts. That plug cost $1.50, and much of a day's work.

Please patronize All Electronics, but DO NOT waste your money on these plugs! They look like the old Switchcraft connectors, but they aren't even close. A-E, please find a different supplier with quality products!! Thanks.

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