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Product Description
Control 12 Vdc devices using keychain on/off remote switch. Ideal for automotive applications, but can also be adapted to home use with the addition of a 12 Volt relay. Black-box receiver switches 12 Vdc loads up to 15 Amps when prompted by two-button keychain transmitter control. Receiver is 2.5" x 1.8" x 0.9" thick. Operates on small 12V alkaline batteries VR22/CN22/CN23A (our CAT# BAT-27). Includes two keychain transmitters with batteries and hook-up diagram. Also available in 6 Amp load version - see our CAT# RC-10.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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not as advertised

Reviewer: from Edmond Oklahoma

Though advertised as working on 12 volts, my remote seemed DOA until I changed power supplies to give it a higher peak voltage. The internal relay only pulls in starting at 12.8v, and is reliable at >13v. So don't count on a tightly regulated supply such as a switching supply or a stand-alone 12v battery. Unfortunately this makes it hardly useful for my project.

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What A Boon

Reviewer: from Moab, Utah

I have a crap-for DSL that requires the modem be cold reset from time to time. It's a gigantic pain and the teleco is NO HELP. I wired this little guy in and now I can reset the modem from two different locations in the house. Thanks a Ton AE!

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Worked! Then Didn't!

Reviewer: from USA

I had this in an automobile 12v 7amp application working for about two weeks. I probably activated and deactivated it about 25 times before it would no longer turn off.
It seems when a load is on it doesn't want to turn off. If there is no load it works fine. I tried a load as small as 100mA and even that caused a delay issue in going off.
Maybe I just got a bad one, don't know. But I recommend using a relay with this item to reduce the load. I tried a relay with mine but the damage is done and unit still does the same thing.

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Garden Rail

Reviewer: from 30 miles from Melbourne Australia

Read an article on a garden train web site. I immediately contacted All Electronics who were very helpful in sending me 2. I have used 1 to control an auto relay, which in turn carries the power to my tracks. I can switch off
the system from any where around my lay out in an emergency ( a derailment etc) The second unit is still in its box. I am hoping to use it to assist in controlling a 1/24 scale vehicle I am trying fit with a small motor
The unit it a great accessory to my railway

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