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433 MHz RF transmitter and receiver. Use to send audio or data signals, or use as a remote control on/off switch. With a few extra parts you can use these modules in a variety of applications. Right-angle headers (0.1" spacing) plug into solderless or solderable breadboards, for convenient experimentation. Operates on 5Vdc power. Transmitter is 19mm square, receiver is 14 x 30mm.

433 MHz RF transmitter
Working voltage: 3V - 12V
Working current: max Less than 40mA max, and min 9mA
Resonance mode: (SAW)
Modulation mode: ASK
Working frequency: 433.92MHz
Transmission power: 25mW
Frequency error: +150kHz (max)
Velocity: less than 10Kbps
Transmission range: 90m (in open space)

Working voltage: 5.0VDC +0.5V
Working current:≤5.5mA max
Modulation mode: OOK/ASK
Working frequency: 433.92MHz
Bandwidth: 2MHz
Sensitivity: exceeds -100dBm (50 Ohm)

Note: There are multiple tutorials and videos available online about applications for these modules.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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