CAT# RC-676
3 for $1.00
3 piece minimum order
100 or more $0.25 each
0.375" X 0.375" X 0.75" high coil with adjustable ferrite. PC leads on 0.38" (10mm) centers.
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Average Customer Review:  (4 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Maryland, US
Actual range
Not sure why these are listes as '0.676µH'.

Using an LCR, they read a range of about 8.6µH to 9.0µH.

A customer from Wichita, Kansas USA
What is the current rating on this inductor?

Is there a data sheet available?

Would this inductor be suitable for either a low pass or high pass filter?

A customer from Seattle area
.676 slug tuning range
I got values close to what W8LM got. i useda 565pF measured cap (Fluke 189 DMM) and put the cap in parallel then used my AIM4170C analyzer. Adjusting the slug gave me ranges of about 0.4 uH to 0.8 uH also. Dennis KB7ST

A customer from W8LM -Wichita, KS
Measurements via MFJ-259B
I measured 0.405 uh to 0.815 uh on a MFJ-259B Analyze. The specified 0.676uh value would be nominal mid-range. These coils are adjustable with a standard hex ferrite slug.
use frequency calculator at
to calculate resonamce... This coil will resonate in the 20 meter ham band with 200pf cap...
Given that. A hand full of these and some caps would make a tri-iplexer for a triband beam.