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Alps mechanical rotary encoder with momentary-on push switch. 30 detents. 6mm diameter aluminum shaft. 12mm square body. 7mm diameter x 10mm high plain bushing. PC pins. 2 terminals for switch. 3 terminals for encoder.
WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
(This item was manufactured prior to August 31st, 2018)

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Nice encoder, works well.

Reviewer: from USA

It seems to be similar to an ALPS EC11 series encoder.

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A little non-standard compared to the Chinese cheapies.

Reviewer: from PHOENIX, AZ USA

I used this to replace one of those lowest bid, Asian encoders on a Line 6 Spider MkIII digital modeling guitar amp. The frame tabs were markedly wider on the Alps, and the Alps did not have a D shaft, but it was much heavier and better made than what I replaced. Be prepared to take a Dremel to those tabs on the frame and maybe wow out some holes in the PCB for the terminal pins, if you are working on a cheap Chinese made product, but these are a definite improvement! The Line 6 came to life, and as far as I can tell, it works fine. I seem to only change presets every 3 detents, but I had a boatload of presets to chose from. The jury is still out, but it seems to have fixed the problem. I could have got Chinese no name encoders with a momentary switch for $6 for 10 of them, but if they were like what I replaced, PASS! I had to use a different knob with this, but that knob on the Line 6 is unique and does not match the others anyway, so it won't matter, just get a 6mm set screw knob, and use it.

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