CAT# RG-174
10 ft for $3.20
10 ft minimum order
50 to 99 $0.29 per ft
100 to 499 $0.28 per ft
500 to 999 $0.26 per ft
1000 or more $0.228 per ft
BLACK. 50 ohm impedance. 26 gauge stranded center. Braided copper shield.
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Average Customer Review:  (1 Review) Write A Review

A customer from Hoouston, TX USA
Small Diameter Coax-An Inside Job!
As a electronics hobbyist, kit builder and ham, I'm always looking for small dia. coax. It you ever build (HF/VHF) recievers, transmitters. It is great for internal wiring. I make a hole just big enough for the coax, to feed thru.It keeps stray RF out, pretty good. Sometimes I use feed-thru capacitors. I use double-sided etch boards for shielding and compartment making.
This will be perfect! KD5BIH