CAT# RLY-351
$2.55 each
10 or more $2.25 each
12 Vdc, 88 ohm coil. Contacts rated 40A. Plastic enclosed relay, 1.1" x 1.2" x 1" high. Plastic flange for bulkhead mounting. Mounts in standard automotive relay socket.
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Average Customer Review:  (24 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from WARREN, MI, USA
Great relay
This relay has a multitude of uses and has been original equipment on many cars and trucks going as far back as the mid-70's. If your car uses one, I suggest buying one and keep it in your glove compartment. Parts like this never find a good time to fail and you'll be glad to have it. If you're already buying something else, for $2.40 you can't go wrong.

A customer from Central Michigan
Worked like a charm.
I used a pair of these to switch the power door lock actuators (CAT# DLA-1) when I installed power door locks in my 1995 S10 that didn't have factory power door locks. This way, I can install a remote starter/remote door lock unit later. The remote units generally put out only enough current to fire a relay, not the actuator, so this will work perfectly. Order the plugs (CAT# SRLY-2) to make installation easier.

A customer from Omro, WI USA
Great relay. Great deal!
The local auto parts store wanted over $9 for an equivalent relay. Do yourself a favor and order half a dozen of these to have on hand for projects. At this price, it's even cheaper to use these than to buy SPST relays at the local store for your fog/driving/off-road lights.

A customer from Greenville, SC
Use voltage supression
Make sure to add some form of back EMF suppression or these relays will damage sensitive electronics. Use a 1N4004 or higher voltage diode connected such that the diode conducts the back EMF of the relay coil when power is removed from the relay.

A customer from Port Charlotte, FL
Usage for the relay
I am using it in a black box for automatic changeover from an AC/DC power supply to a battery back-up. If the AC/DC supply shuts down for what ever reason the relay switches to the battery supply. When AC/DC power returns the relay switches back. Also incorporated small trickle charge circuit to recharge and maintain the battery.