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Fujitsu # FBR 211NA DO12U-M. Sealed pc mount relay. 12 Vdc, 320 Ohm coil. S.P.D.T. contacts rated 1 Amp @ 28Vdc resistive or 0.5 Amp @ 30 Vac resistive. 0.65" x 0.46" x 0.42" high. UL, CSA.
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Average Customer Review:  (2 Reviews) Write A Review

tom bensky from SN LUIS OBISP, CA USA
Nice relay for oscillator demo
I was trying to find a dead-simple oscillator (LED flasher) for a class I was teaching. A 555 would have been too complicated and a single flashing LED (like LED-4 here) would be too simple. So, using the idea from the Make electronics book by Platt, this relay works very well to flash an LED using a 9V battery as shown here . I like having the students think about the "cleverness" of this sort of thing as a class challenge.

A customer from SCRANTON, PA USA
great relay
I purchased this relay for a model railroad application. When I got it, I searched Fujitsu web site for a description of the relay. I found the NA series, but it did not match.
So using a ohm meter I came up with the pin usages. Pins 8 and 5 are the coil. Pins 1 and 12 the common for the switch, and are connected together. Pin 7 is normally closed. Pin 6 is normally open. When the relay is turned on pin 7 is open between 12, & 1. Pin 6 is closed between pins 12 & 1. The coil is not polarity dependent. I hooked it up both ways and it worked