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Elec-Trol # BBS1C05A10. 5Vdc, 205 Ohm coil. S.P.D.T. switching action. 0.99" x 0.30" x 0.35" high. Single-in-line pc pins. 5 pin on 0.2" centers.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Small DPST relays are hard to find

Reviewer: from near Phlila., PA, USA

Works like a charm. The product page is wrong. It is a DPST (form 1C) not a SPDT. It even has "1C" in the product name! Form, fit and function is identical to the more common Hamlin HE3321C0500 that sell for nearly 5 bucks apiece.

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Relay forms 101

Reviewer: from Michigan

This relay is SPDT. Form 1C is classified as a SPDT. Reference:

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Pinout Detail

Reviewer: from LONG BEACH, CA USA

Pinout from left to right, facing label... 1) COM 2/3) COIL 4) N.C. 5) N.O. Works great with PIC microcontrollers as coil draws 25 mA. I was unable to find a datasheet readily, but I would doubt the contacts are rated for much more than 1 amp.

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Be careful, though.

Reviewer: from NORFOLK, VA USA

Although the BBS1C05A10 (this part) and Hamlin's HE3321C0500 are both Form 1C (SPDT) with the pins in the same functional order (COM-K-K-NC-NO), the pin spacing is different.

This Elec-Trol relay has all leads on .200" centers. The picture on the web page is correct. However, the Hamlin is spaced .2-.4-.1-.1 (Check Digikey for the Hamlin data sheet.)

A cross-reference list in an old Digikey catalog does have the Elec-Trol BBS1C05A10 matched with the Hamlin HE3321C0500.

It works just fine, but do be mindful of the different board layout.

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