CAT# RT-96
$7.50 each
9.6 Vdc rechargeable, cordless, variable-speed rotary tool. Originally marketed as a doggie pedicure tool, it has plenty of power for many sanding and grinding applications. Includes sanding shaft, three sanding discs and a chuck wrench. Can be used with other attachments with 1/8" shafts, like those in our rotary tool kit, CAT# DK-91. Rotary dial controls speed from 8,000 to 20,000 RPM. Includes charger stand, and instructions.

Note: We are selling these "as-is." The rechargeable battery in the tool is likely to be at, or near the end of its shelf life (see customer comments). If you want to rebuild or replace the battery pack, it consists of eight 4/5AA Ni-cad batteries, 1.2V, 750mA. You might also hardwire it to a 9V power supply. Price reduced - Was $9.95 each.
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (4 Reviews) Write A Review

Bad Battery
Received this but when trying to charge the battery it's apparently dead. Been on charger for 2 days & still when I plug it to the tool no work. I'm guessing the ni-cad is dead.

Ricky Earp from TULSA, OK USA
Good Deal!
If the batteries are dead (mine were) with more than a little coaxing, you can open it up and slap new NiMH cells in it and be on your way. It accepts the earlier style big "D" flex shaft too. The lower RPM makes it better for working in plastics too. I'd give it 5 stars if it was less "tail heavy". I give it a 4 1/2.

David Zehner from OAKDALE, MN USA
Great Value
comes with plug in p/s & charger stand after charging 5 min. it has REAL POWER TO TRIM TOE NAILS QUICKLY,ETC. THIS IS A REAL Bargin !! I ordered a second one.

A customer from Wyoming
Nice PWM speed control circuit board controlled by thumbwheel pot, RS350 DC motor with long shaft, and nice separate bearing assembly pressed on shaft. Batteries are med-low quality, and it is a very basic (dumb) charger. Looks to be a 3.5-4A SMT driver FET, house number. SMT 8 pin chip creates PWM, circuit pins out like a 555 would, also house number.