CAT# SB-300
$4.00 each
Solderable breadboard pattern with the same pattern and spacing as our solderless breadboard, CAT# PB-400 without the bus strips on each side. Transfer your parts and wires, keeping the same layout to get a long-lasting prototype with reliable solder connections. 30 x 76 x 1.6mm. High-quality FR4 glass epoxy PC board. Copper on one side.
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (2 Reviews) Write A Review

Marc Jacques from FORT MYERS, FL USA
Very nice looking for you projects
This board look very clean and nice with a finished project solder onto it. It really beats all those numbers and letters on the other types of boards. One con is that there are no mount holes.

A customer from LIBERTY, TN USA
Great board
I use it to transfer my circuits from breadboard. High quality fiberglass and clean copper.