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Solderable breadboard pattern with the same pattern and spacing as our solderless breadboard, CAT# PB-840. Plus, there are 2-hole pads at each end of the board to allow use of DIL headers. Transfer your parts and wires, keeping the same layout to get a long-lasting prototype with reliable solder connections. 47 x 179 x 1.6mm. High-quality FR4 glass epoxy PC board. Copper on one side.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Reviewer: from HOUSTON, TX USA

800+ points... WOW!!
I had to have one... A lot of premade boards use a single copper pad, per hole (not my favorite!). I like the ones that have rows for DIP chips ( or discrete components)! They include "strips" for vcc and ground. Most have three holes only -yours have five!!! WOW! When it came in, I was estatic! Back is very, very smooth!
This is a superior board!! Thanks AE! KD5BIH

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From Prototype to Production

Reviewer: from BELLEVUE, WA USA

These are great for the many projects where the 400 point boards just don't cut it. High quality material. Rapidly becoming my standard project board.

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