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Operates on 3-28 Vdc. Continuous tone. 103 db sound pressure. 1.14" diameter x 0.93" ABS plastic housing. Can be bulkhead mounted with tabs on 1.31" mounting centers, or can be mounted through a panel hole of 0.7" diameter via threaded bushing and panel nut. 5" wire leads. Black housing
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Small and LOUD

Reviewer: from Louisville, KY USA

Have used these to provide an audible turn signal indicator on motorbikes (visual indocators, when stock, are seldom in your sight line - that's why you see so many bikes with erroneous signals - few bikes have auto off like cars). Loud enough to be heard at highway speeds - so loud that I put 10K pots in series to tone them down in urban areas. Best mounted out of weather, but at this price, just buy replacements for that problem.

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