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Input: 120 Vac 60 Hz. Output: 0-130 Vac. Fully enclosed variable transformer in ventilated steel case with 6' power cord. Two isolated 3 prong grounded output receptacles, output voltage meter, on/off switch, fuse and power cord. Useful in a variety of applications where adjustment of AC line voltage is desirable. 6.75" x 8" x 8" high. Weight: 21 lbs.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Customer Reviews 4 out of 5 stars(2 Reviews)

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I totally heart this 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Glendale

First, the color--it matches your Ferraris.

Second, the volume knob. You will feed like a kid playing with the Big Stereo all over again.

Had to replace the sockets with something stronger--videos on the internets show how. It's not difficult, we unscrew the screws and take out the plugs and put in our favorite plugs without breaking anything.

Voltage meter is ambiguous, seems to represent percentage of input signal rather than actual voltage. For actual voltage, use your mains-enabled safe-as-a-Fluke multimeter, of course.

Ah, but purchase it! Not only does the color draw in all the beautiful people, but the performance is sweet. If you do the modification you will see the inside, all breath-taking materials and craftmanship. Very well built, heavy, solid...ah.

Last but hardly least--this is an actual isolation transformer, so it's more than just a variac, it's a component typically recommended by best-practice sorts of people. So your breadboard does not have to say hello to the rest of the house circuitry (think about it)...and you get to pick your voltage! Roll your four diodes into a rectifying shape and turn the knob to get whatever DC you want and wallow in the safety.

Warning, or a tricky thing at least: One day I blew the breaker on the house panel with this thing--tricky why that happens. Of course I was turning it on with the volts nice and 120ish on the dial, but now I make sure that it is at 0 volts before I turn it on and the breakers have been ok ever since.

But really, the color is worth 90% of the price already.

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The meter and dial are very inaccurate 3 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Seattle

The meter and the dial indicator do not agree with each other. They are off by 10 to 15 volts depending on the output settings. I had to make my own dial to lay over the one that comes with the unit. The error in readings is not because of a simple rotation of the dial or knob or I would have done that.

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