$64.00 each
Input: 110 vac. Output: 0 - 130 vac. Fully enclosed variable transformers in ventilated steel cases with 6' power cord, 3 prong grounded receptacle, output voltage meter, on/off switch, fuse and power cord. Portable or mountable. Useful in a variety of applications where adjustment of AC line voltage is desireable. 5.35" X 4" X 5.5" high. Weight: 6.5 lbs.
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Average Customer Review:  (4 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Warren (Detroit) Michigan, USA
Decent variac
I bought one and it does work well, excatly as described and pictured. These are brand new in indivual boxes with foam packaging. The transformer wire is a little coarse so the change is actually in a series of small steps. I bought it for repair of old radios and it is excellent for that task.

Made in China

A customer from New York City, USA
Just the ticket.
I also bought this device to repair old radios - and to keep the voltage across my isolation transformer fairly constant.

It does the job and does it well. Jus don't depend on the dial calibration for a voltage reading since the knob is sometimes off by a notch or two.

Use your volt-meter to confirm exact voltage.

A customer from MN USA
Great cheap variac
i got this to connect to a rectifier to have an adjustible source of dc. the only problem with this is my dial is about 5v off from what the meter says. overall it is a great product

A customer from MONTESANO, WA USA
works great, check the meter
Very useful when servicing old radios. Mine puts out about 10 volts more than the meter reading; but as long as you know that, it's consistent. Solid and well-built.