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Black. For most standard toggle switches ie., our CAT# beginning with STS. Fits over 15/32" diameter bushing. Prevents accidental switching. When cap closes it switches toggle to down position. Cap must be open to change switch position. Cap stays open at 90 Degree angle, but springs to closed position with light touch.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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"Safety" Cover

Reviewer: from Huntington Beach

When this cover is properly installed and fully engaged, the switch will be in the off position. I have tried this cover with the STS-20 switch and another switch (CARLING SPST Plastic) the STS switch required the cover to be pressed down or snapped shut, the Carling part just required the spring in the cover to touch the switch to flip the toggle to off. Evaluate the combination of switch and cover for safety.

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