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Stretch and wrap self-fusing rubber tape for a moisture-tight, insulating seal on electrical connections. High resistance to salt water, steam and oil. To use, remove 2" to 3" of tape from the roll, remove the liner, stretch tape to twice the supplied width and wrap it spirally around the object with a 50% overlap. In minutes the tape will react with itself to provide protection from moisture, most chemicals, and provide insulation to 490V per mil. Since the tape does not use mastic or adhesive it can be removed easily without leaving any residue. Also useful for emergency pipe & hose repairs and wrapping tool handles. 1" x 16.4' roll. (0.8mm x 25mm x 5m).
Spec sheet available in PDF format.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Makes AWESOME grip tape!!

Reviewer: from Apache Junction, AZ.

I use this on pistols as it provides a tight-fitting, non-slip, grip surface. It also leaves no debris behind when removed. Would work for baseball bats, golf clubs, and etc..

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Excellent for insulation repair

Reviewer: from BERKELEY, CA USA

The conductor wires coming out of my NiMH battery pack had taken quite a beating. Cut small pieces from the roll, stretched them out and then around the wires and just like that I was back in business. Fast, easy and effective and so much better than adhesive tape! I'm now a fan of this stuff.

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Good for odd shaped insulation

Reviewer: from DFW

This product should probably be moved to where the shrink tubing is.

I've been using it since childhood to insulate odd wire splices and such. It works nicely for that. Cut off about 1/4-1/2" and stretch it around the exposed part of the wire and let it fuse to itself.

Glad to see I found a place that carries this stuff.

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I like it!

Reviewer: from HILLIARD, OH USA

I use it to secure connections and even like the other guy said, it is very useful as a comfortable grip on things, in my case, a wagon handle.

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