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Bonds non-porous surfaces in seconds. Easy to use. Works on artificial nails, ceramics, crafts, china, jewelry, rubber, leather, wood, metal, many plastics and more. Two tube net weight 0.14 oz (4g) total.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Better than I expected!!! 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from HOUSTON, TX USA

I have used 'super glue' for many many a year! Most was not worth a "plugged nickel"- period (except for the original). This was better than I expected, much better!! As a ham, hobbiest, electronics experimenter, I need some fast glue (and epoxy) a lot for "homebrew" equipment! From the get-go, it was excellent ( I even glued two fingers together! ha ha ha ha, No kidding!).
Today I used it to glue a small speaker to a metal plate. First I drilled a series of 3/8" holes in the center and two rings of holes. Then I glued some insulated stand-off's, to a wood board for a one transister (2N2222) test amp.
I have the input (RCA phono) connector connecting to a 10k pot. That is connected to
the base of the transistor. I have a spdt (mini) toggle switch switching two reistors on the emitter (470 ohm and 1K). Let's call this "gain". I have I have a four AA battery (6V) holder connected to the collector thru a choke. the output is on another spdt (mini) toggle switch. The center of the switch connects to a 1k:8 ohm mini transformer and speaker. the two other connectors pins go thru two electrlytic caps to the transistor collector! Super glue was great! I am still one my forst tube! I will let you know if it works!!

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