$1.20 each
10 or more $1.05 each
0.1" centers.
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Average Customer Review:  (2 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Austin, TX
For flat pins only
These sockets do not accept square pins such as CAT# SHS-32 (32-PIN SNAPPABLE HEADER, 0.1" CENTERS) but rather only flat pins such as from IC's. Very good build quality but I took away one star because they do not meet my intended use.

A customer from Laguna beach, CA USA
Cheap way to get my high-quality IC sockets
For my projects I never use anything less than high quality "4 fingered contact" gold plated IC sockets--I learned my lesson decades ago, it's better to spend a bit more for quality.

Well, with these puppies I can make a high quality socket for a bit less than buying the real thing, and it works just as good! A 16 pin gold plated 4-finger socket will set you back about $0.80 a peace at quantities of 100. With these, I don't have to buy a hundred (an $80 expenditure). I can just buy one for $1.20 and get 1.875 16-pin sockets out of it (so, buy 8 for 15 16-pin sockets, or 7 for 15 14-pin sockets, or buy 56 for either 105 16-pin sockets or 120 14-pin sockets -- that's still less than $80!)

Bottom line, I can make a $0.64 16-pin socket or a $0.56 14-pin socket--such a deal!

And of course, it's the fact that these can be snapped apart (I actually use wire cutters) that makes it all possible!!

I'm so easy to please :)