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Boston Acoustics# 304-050001-00. 2" cone with soft rolled edge. 4 Ohm impedance. Shielded magnet. Overall depth, 1.61".
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Great for voice

Reviewer: from Akron, Ohio

I made 8 plates, 12" x 6", each with one of these tiny drivers glued into it. No baffle, open back. Scattered them in the package trays above passengers on a train car. Plugged them all into a 15 watt Fender bass amp, and hooked 8 wireless mics to it. Made a perfect PA system for a murder mystery on the train!

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Great Sound from a small speaker

Reviewer: from WAUKEGAN, IL USA

I had a stereo sound bar that attached to the computer with some impressive sound. These speakers look like the ones in that sound bar only these are built to handle the sound demand for their size.
These sound best with a sound insulated case. You have to experiement with the size to get the Sub sounds right. Ok, you'll never break the windows with booming base from these but you can get some decent base sound along with really good Mids and Highs. The case you put them in is the key and it has to be sound insulated to buffer any echo. Do it right and they will sound great.

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Super little speaker

Reviewer: from TULSA, OK USA

Search the 'Net for the part number of these from Boston Acoustics and get all the T/S info you need to design a soundbar, etc. from these. Four on each side make nice desktop computer speakers @ 8 ohms. For 45mm-ish drivers, they have more bass extension than they have any right to, but don't push too much wattage into them or they'll protest! These could work well in the "A" pillars of many cars that need some "help" in the upper mid-range to highs area for better stereo "separation" clarity, and you don't have room for bigger drivers. Protect them with a big capacitor from low frequencies and use an L-Pad to adjust the power to them. They aren't $60 Aurasounds or Tang-Bands or Vifas but they are a very good buy and sound quite good.

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