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CAT # SLX-200

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Product Description
Polyester expandable tubing is ideal for lightweight, flexible bundling and routing of wires and cables in marine, automotive, electronic and industrial applications. It is flame retardant and has a high resistance to abrasion and adds aesthetic appeal. Like heat shrink tubing, it can also be used to cover irregular shapes. Totally expanded the sleeving can reach at least 1.5 times its initial dimension.

Keep in mind that this polyester sleeving must be cut and sealed with a hot knife to prevent fraying.

Technical Data:
Material: Polyester
Operating range:-50°C to +150°C
Melt point: 250°C ±5°C
Flammability: VW-1
Color: Black
Certificate: UL, CSA, ROHS, PFOS, REACH, Halogen Free
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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