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Brand unknown - Made in Belgium# PD 12. Code number : 9904 112 12001. 3 Deg. 45' step angle. 175mA. 150 g/cm torque. 1.5" diameter x 2.48" long. 1.5" square mounting plate. 0.15" diameter x 0.40" long shaft. 16 leads, 11" long.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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PD 12 Stepper Motor

Reviewer: from Canberra, ACT Australia

These where manufactured by Philips, the important # is 9904 112 12001, these are listed in their Data handbook CM6 04-77 (1977). They are an 8-phase Unipolar perminanent magnet stepper motor. The handbook also lists circuit diagrams for this motor. The controller was a 9904 131 03004. The introduction of hybrid design motors with greater step numbers saw this motor not continued in later product lists.

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