CAT# SOL-102
$2.75 each
10 or more $2.50 each
Ledex(TM). 0.5" diameter x 1" long tubular solenoid with 3/8" diameter threaded bushing for mounting. 1/16" diameter x 1/2" long plunger. 40 Ohm coil. Operates on 12 Vdc. 1" wire leads.
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Average Customer Review:  (6 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from CA US
armature not attached
I haven't used these in an application yet, but it should be noted that the armature (the actuating pin of the solenoid) is not retained within the solenoid body. In other words, if there is no power to the device, the pin can fall out the back. If you plan to mount the solenoid vertically (with the pointy end facing upwards), you will need to have something behind the solenoid to keep the armature from falling out.

A customer from Canada
removable body?
can anyone tell me if you can remove the body or outer shell from this solenoid? all i need is the coil inside.

A customer from WESTWOOD, MA USA
Player Piano
My project is also to turn my piano into a player piano. I would appreciate hearing from the person in Grenada Ms. who is doing the same thing. My email is cam [email protected] Charlie, Westwood Ma.

A customer from Near Sacramento, CA
Doesn't have spring return
The solenoid does not have a spring to return it to a retracted position when power to the solenoid is cut. Like the other reviewer mentioned, it does not have a back to keep the pin in when turned upside down (so that the pin pushes up when power is applied). I mounted the solenoid upside down (making sure the rod didn't fall out the back) and the solenoid would not always retract with the force of gravity after I triggered it. I was able to drive it with 5V and 9V and it has nice holding force.

A customer from GRENADA, MS USA
Perfect for my project
I am turning my piano into a player piano via solenoids and these were the cheapest I could find. I was skeptical at first because after applying 12 volts to it it was still very weak, but I cranked it up to around 30 volts and got them jumping perfectly. Only 86 more to buy...