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Rosin NO CLEAN soldering flux. Low-residue and no-spill. ROHS compliant. 56 gram jar. Made in USA.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Great stuff

Reviewer: from TULSA, OK USA

This is a non-rosin, water-soluble no-wash flux. Most of these are liquids and cost a couple of hundred dollars plus a gallon. The residue is inert and not sticky like rosin-based flux. It removes easiest with plain rubbing (isopropyl 70% or better) alcohol, but soap and water will do. Remember, you cannot solder without flux, and you cannot OVER FLUX!!! This is a "moderately aggressive" flux, as it solders to nickel plating very well even with lead-free solder, with enough heat. A dot 2mm in diameter is all you need for most large (1/2" dia. area) solder spots on "difficult" materials.

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Reviewer: from Tampa, FL

And the expiration date is ... ? EDITORS NOTE: Both the manufacturer and us could not figure out when it expires. Which leads to the question, why is there an expiration date on solder paste?

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Expiration and the Reason

Reviewer: from Herndon, VA USA

I have not bought this product; I am commenting on the expiration date issue..

Solder paste does have a shelf life, flux does not. This is due to the ingredients of solder paste, which are required to preserve the paste state. When the paste contacts air, it begins to 'nullify', just as happens when fruit is exposed to atmo.

Flux does not require any heat-temperamental materials, and is not susceptible to air exposure. Liquid flux may evaporate upon air exposure, density depending.

Is this product solder paste or solder flux?- ted
EDITORS NOTE: This is paste although the description is "Solder Paste Flux"

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Its flux paste

Reviewer: from MN

It is rated to last 1 year after opening, this is flux only there are no solder particles suspended in it, it is not a solder paste that can be used for re-flow soldering.

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