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Water-proof, corrosion-proof solar cell arrays with adjustable mounting stands and alligator clip leads. UV-proof polycarbonate plastic case. Built-in blocking diode to prevent discharge at night. 1260 Mw max power. Max voltage, 18 Volts (no-load). Current, 60-70 mA. 6.8" x 6.2" x 0.68"
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Not as good as It may seem

Reviewer: from Long Beach, California

I don't understand the other review written about this solar panel. Although I don't own one I don't see how a panel that is only putting out 60-70ma is going to charge a good sized lead acid battery in any less than a week. For example a 4.5Ah SLA that would be 4.5A/0.07A=64hours to charge. Just though I would let you know.

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Product is probably not best for charging from dea

Reviewer: from Central California

The math about 64 hours is true from a zero battery state. Most batteries are never drained this low. If you use 20% of a batteries charge (pretty common) then 20% of 64 is 12.8 or a days worth of sun.

I think the intent of the device is battery storage keeping (trickle charging) and is meant to keep the battery of your RV, snowmobile, ATV, waverunner, whatever kept at top charge. 60-70ma can be bled off by any LA battery through heat without damage to the battery. This setup would seem ideal for this purpose.

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Great Trickle Charger

Reviewer: from Boston, Ma

I mounted this on my shed to trickle charge my lawnmower battery. It does indeed charge my battery, saving me from periodically having to lug the battery inside to charge. It works great. I added some extra protection around the the black and red cables ( just electrical tape). The cable's jacket looked a little soft and wimpy for rugged outdoor conditions. Has worked great outside for 2 years now.

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BEWARE using with Odyssey batteries

Reviewer: from MICCO, FL USA

These are not regulated and will go up to the vicinity of 20+ volts, open circuit. Odyssey batteries will be destroyed if charged over 15V (they are serious abut this). I lost two Odyssey batteries to solar chargers, the other one was a dashtop car charger.
This may also apply to Optima car batteries as they are also made by Hawker but I haven't read the literature on them.
For keeping wet cells charged, they are great.

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Worked for my intent.

Reviewer: from Lincolnton, GA

I bought one of these to keep my Seadoo battery charged over the off-season. So simple... disconnected positive battery cable, clip on this solar charger, put the seats back on, put the Seadoo cover on, placed the charger on the rear deck of the boat facing the sun on top of the cover... In the Spring the boat fired right up. I did not check the voltage of the obviously charged battery (I will next time), but the boat cranked and started up strong and the first attempt. I will post another review update after the upcomming winter season...

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