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Average Customer Review:  (1 Review) Write A Review

Seth Burgin from PHOENIX, AZ USA
Great for restoring old radios, and even appliances like stoves that use 1/4" shafts on the valves.
These can restore Bakelite & wooden lathe turned knobs on old radio sets, or even stove knobs, & appliance knobs. Use a pot or switch with a half flat shaft, some epoxy, some cellophane Saran wrap, and some Vaseline on the plastic wrap, and the shaft. Fill the hole in the knob with epoxy then set the clip inside the knob, wrap the pot shaft in Waxtex or Saran wrap coated in Vaseline (on both sides). Ram the wrapped greased shaft into the clip, get the knob setting straight & level, then allow it to dry on the shaft. When the epoxy dries, simply pull the pot off the knob, clean up the Saran Wrap or wax paper, and you have a knob that is all ready to use, that won't fall off. These sometimes work on some stove knobs, and refrigerator temp controls too. You can even 3D print new knobs that look like older designs, and press and or glue these into the new knobs. Cheaper 3D printed stuff looks a bit odd, with the layers showing.