$3.25 each
Crouzet M-OAC5-315. Input: 3 - 8 Vdc. Output: 1 Amp, 24-140 Vac. PC mount, solid-state relay. 1.70" x 1.03" x 0.38". UL, CE.
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Average Customer Review:  (8 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from SF, CA
high resistances
The input is about 1.2K ohm. The output is 2.16K ohm (I used 5v to trigger it). It's phsyically big, and the resistances are pretty high.

A customer from NY,USA
input current @ 5vdc?
what is the input current at 5VDC?

A customer from OTTO, NC US
Great SSR
A previous comment talked about resistances. I do not use an ohmmeter to evaluate an AC Solid State Relay. I just measured the voltage across the contacts under load. Here is what I got: Using 5 v.dc I switched on a 7 watt 120 volt night light. The voltage across the "contacts" was 1.3vac. This is a very low amount in my opinion. 120 v. minus 1.3 = 118.7v for the lamp. Not bad at all. A 1% voltage loss.
On the input end:Using 5v., I had a reading of 17 ma.dc. Hope this helps.
I will be using this relay to switch on a set of those new LED Christmas lights. I hope to be able to switch at a fast enough speed to control the brightness and by using several sets create some interesting effects.

A customer from SILOAM SPRINGS, AR USA
Input current @ 5vdc is about 17mA
Found the data sheet on this part, and it looks like the input has a series 220 ohm resistor in it. I don't have a real part to measure, but calculated it based on the 220 ohm resistor and a 1.2v drop across the input trigger LED. If you need to further reduce the input current at 5vdc you can put an additional 240 ohm resistor in series with the input. This should lower the input current requirements to approximatly 8mA minimum. The reason this works is due to the 2v drop across the 240 ohm series resistor. So the SSR is seeing the minimum 3vdc trigger input voltage. Note: If you try and further reduce the input current, the part is not guaranteed to switch on. Good luck! It looks like a great part!

A customer from Europe
Works with VDC on output?
Does anyone know if it will work with VDC on output?