$1.85 each
10 or more $1.70 each
For S.P.S.T., normally-closed applications in which relay contacts open when coil is energized. 12" leads, AWG 14 to contacts, AWG 20 to coil. If you need a standard 5-wire SPDT socket, see CAT# SRLY-2.
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Average Customer Review:  (1 Review) Write A Review

A customer from NEBRASKA USA
Great value
If you are looking for an inexpensive standard auto relay socket, here is a great option.

This socket is pre-wired as normally closed, but if you need normally open, all you have to do is use a small screwdriver or Molex tool to pop out the white wire, and put it into the next slot. It will snap right in securely, and then you will have a socket wired for normally open. Conversion takes literally 5 seconds.

Again, a great value for the price, and as always, All Electronics service ROCKS! My last order was over $75, so I got in on the free shipping deal as well.