$3.25 each
10 or more $2.75 each
Dual 5 wire sockets designed for door-lock applications.
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Average Customer Review:  (4 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Mission Viejo, CA US
good long pigtail. annoying common wire
These have a nice pigtail, however one of the relay wires is common between the two, which may or may not be a problem in your app.

A customer from SoCal
Common vs. uncommon terminal 30 wire ...
Having bought several of these over the past couple years, the newer ones I've bought have uncommon wires, whereas the older ones shared a terminal 30. This is preferred, in that you can have power from separate feeds, and that the wires can be removed and rearranged if you need color coding between two SPST circuits (such as my headlight application). Wires measure a good 12-1/2" out from the socket.

A customer from Clemmons, NC USA
Great for automotive use.
THe sockets I recieved had no common wire, and were perfect for auto use due to a long pigtail and the color coding.

A customer from Howell, NJ USA
Robot Applications: Common Wire
The sockets have nice long wires on it. The common wire is a BIG help in robots. It saves alot of time in connecting the socket to your controller and power source.