$4.50 each
Extra-powerful desoldering pump with Teflon nozzle. Lightweight, large capacity spring-loaded cleaning tool offers excellent suction for solder removal.
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Average Customer Review:  (8 Reviews) Write A Review

Jim D. from Denver, CO USA
Still a good product for the money
This is the only solder succker I've purchased but I got it for the ease of use and the price. The two I bought a couple of years ago did crack at the end of the tube by the nozzle cap but I overcame that with some superglue and a couple of samll screws. After that, it has worked flawlessly and as long as I clean it out on a regular basis, no problems. I've never had a problem with the o-ring or retainer for same and I use it extensively. My only wish is that it came in a slightly smaller model with a narrower tip for working around the more crowded circuit boards prevelent with two-way radios and such.

A customer from NJ
ok.....it fell apart
So I put a review in before for this unit but now Ii found out that is isn't that great, it does work but after about 4 months of use it fell apart on me....
The plastics just broke after normal use and so it would not catch or trigger any more. Item # 50B-410 has been working much better for me.

A customer from Ojai, CA
Almost like the classic Weller Sucker
It looks just like the good ol' Weller Solder Sucker that we're all used to, but it's about 90% full size.

This is a great little unit with all the functionality of the Weller unit, fer cheep...

A customer from Redmond, Oregon
Good Sucker
Still one of the best suckers I have. The company that makes this one also makes a bigger sucker that looks similar to this. If you can find one I would suggest you get one. The stamping on it will be ZD-108. Spray a little WD-40 in it to help it suck better. You might want to put a little flux in the tip hole to keep it from clogging.

A customer from Oxford, MS
Good Power Short Life
Has excellent power but only lasts about six months if you use it every week. The internal plastic component that holds the O-ring breaks apart. Only good for light users.