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Santon P-Type disconnect switch. Photovoltaic disconnect switch. Nominal Rating 36A 600Vdc. 40A 300Vac. Type U60B03R01BW/60UL09 Prod. W20/2012 (AG). 4-pole, 4-position, make-break snap-action rotary switch. 2 on-positions, 2 off-positions. All four poles make and break at the same time. External, removable jumper between two poles effectively makes the first two poles make and break together. Wafer stack is 40mm diameter x 110mm high. Overall dimensions, 73 x 160mm including terminals and shaft. These are prepped, unused switches, mounted in an aluminum u-bracket housing with mounting flanges.
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Great Rotary High Current SW!

Reviewer: from Detroit

I got this sw for my 9x20 Lathe. The motor on the lathe is a used tread-mill DC motor with speed control. What is great about this sw is it comes completely apart for reconfigure to just about any combination of on/off together or separate switching. I reconfigured mine for forward/reverse switching at 36amps. Thanks.

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