2.7" X 1.7" X 1.2" PROJECT BOX

$1.90 each
10 or more $1.75 each
2.7" x 1.7" x 1.2" H heavy-duty 3/32" molded plastic box with aluminum cover. Built in stand-offs for P.C. or perf boards. Each case has brushed aluminum cover and screws. Our solderable perf board, CAT# PC-1, fits this case.
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (5 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Gainesville, Florida
Perfect !!
Project box itself is perfect for my needs; no problems whatsoever.
Packaging was great... shrink wrap, plenty of paper padding and a thick bubble wrap type envelope.
Shipping couldn't be beat... Ordered on the morning of 10 August and received in the noon mail on 12 August. That's two days from CA to FL !! Nice !!

A customer from San Diego, California
Should mention PC-1
This box is a good, easy to use project box. The description should mention that the PC-1 perf board also sold by All is specifically made to fit this box.

A customer from Colorado Springs CO
Straightening box sides
Some of the TB-x box customers reported that the original plastic wrapping had forced their box sides to bow slightly inwards. If you have that problem, I posted a fix in the comments for the TB-3 size box.

A customer from Cincinnati
Good, clean, eye appealing project box... just rember there are posts the inside for holding the lid on which take up space, so buy them a little bigeer than you need. Also the box tapers in at the top as you can see, so be careful with your estimates...

A customer from Kaysville, UT.(USA)
Great Boxes, but none right size!
Electronics kit providers such as Ramsey, Vectronics, etc all engineer their kits to a pc board of about 4.5X5 inches. Almost all of the various kits are all this size. They offer their own high-priced enclosures. It would be great to get an alternative, but these boxes are wrong sizes!